The power of the sketch

Wade Weissmann, founder and principal of Wade Weissmann Architecture, has spent over 20 years designing […]


Tips for Block Scheduling

Melissa Galt explains how to introduce structure for more efficient and organized schedules — even […]

Business of Interior Design

Planning and implementation

Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting is hosting a three-day virtual gathering to help attendees go […]

Designer Profile

What Kathryn said

Eleven quotes worth repeating from a recent interview with the delightful Kathryn M. Ireland.

Business of Interior Design

Show house goals

Show houses are costly opportunities so be prepared and clear on your vision before committing.

Expert Voices

What’s on Gail Doby’s reading list?

The venerable business coach shares which books she’s found to be powerful and lifechanging.

Industry Insights

What does 2022 Look Like?

We’re grateful for our supportive interior design community groups and the people who lead them. […]


What to look for in an upholstery partner

Richelle Plett provides tips on how to shop upholstery at High Point Market.

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MeByDesign celebrates 10th anniversary, relaunches Mastermind

MeByDesign, the idea boutique for the home industry, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the […]

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The coaching continues

Four more experts offer a comprehensive menu for those looking to grow.