New affordable 3D option for interior designers

New affordable 3D option for interior designers

Tech company All3D has launched a new subscription package for interior designers that allows them to create roomscapes and interact virtually with clients in real time.

SAN FRANCISCO – Technology company All3D has introduced several new subscription packages that enable interior designers to easily create 3D models of roomscapes to show clients.

“Our platform is like Canva for 3D,” said company founder and CEO Amra Tareen. “Designers are the key to our whole ecosystem. We started building the platform in March 2020 and have created a library of digital assets which allows our subscribers to design a room with sellable products.”

Designers can use the platform with their customers since it offers a sharing capability which allows multiple people to review room layouts and collaborate on the final design.

All3D collaborated with 3d modelers from all over the world and offers virtual tours to its subscribers to help guide them on how to use the platform. The basic package runs $100 per month; there is also a professional page that is $350 per month, and the premium package is $1,000 per month. Designers can also sign up for a free trial.

“The platform is self-service so designers can use it easily,” Tareen added. “The manufacturers and retailers who create the 3D assets are the owners of all the intellectual property, which is a real stand-out point. It’s great to see the designers on the program taking items from the stores and bringing their visions to life.”

All3D also works with companies like Hooker Furnishings and Skyline Furniture on a subscription basis to create digital assets to create marketing and sales materials.

“We’re thrilled to add Hooker Furnishings to our growing list of major companies that are using All3D to reduce their marketing costs and speed the time to market for new products,” said Tareen. “By partnering with us on a subscription contract, Hooker Furnishings will have unlimited use of our platform to create new and exciting products and marketing imagery. Our platform allows us to tailor imagery to the customer rather than using a canned library of virtual scenes.”

All3D is raising seed capital on an equity crowdfunding platform called Republic with a starting investment that runs as little as $150.

“We’d love for the furniture industry to invest in a women-run tech company and join us on our journey,” Tareen added.

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