5 mattresses for back health the American Chiropractic Assn. endorses

5 mattresses for back health the American Chiropractic Assn. endorses

Five mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep have been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Assn.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Five mattresses from vertical sleep retailer Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep have received endorsement from the American Chiropractic Assn.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Plank Firm and Plank Firm Luxe and Helix’s Midnight Luxe, Twilight Luxe, and Plus were approved for endorsement following analysis, testing and evaluation by a review board of chiropractors and received final approval from ACA’s board of governors. The board reviewed and rated each mattress in several categories, including workmanship, ease of assembly, comfort, durability and performance.

“We are honored to receive this endorsement from the ACA which represents the highest standard of quality in chiropractic care,” said John Merwin, CEO of Brooklyn Bedding. “Having our products recognized by the ACA is a testament to Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep’s commitment to creating high-quality mattresses designed for optimal sleep health and comfort.”

Brooklyn Bedding’s Plank Firm and Plank Firm Luxe mattresses offer an ultra-firm, flat, two-sided surface that helps support a neutral spine position. Helix’s best-selling Midnight Luxe features a unique combination of micro-coils and foam to cushion pressure points in the shoulders and hips. The Twilight Luxe is the firmest of Helix’s signature beds and provides pressure relief and ergonomic lumbar support to help with spine alignment and back pressure relief. Helix Plus, designed for plus-size sleepers, is built with high-density foam and an additional support layer for durability and longevity.

Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep acquired Bear Mattress earlier this summer in a deal that expands the Brooking Bedding mattress portfolio.

“A good mattress is an important factor in achieving quality sleep, which contributes to overall health and wellness,” said Dr. Michele Maiers, president of the ACA. “The American Chiropractic Assn. is pleased to endorse several mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep, which are built on demand and feature premium workmanship and comfort.”

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